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Online Dating

As you may have read in my dating blog I met my wife via an online dating site.

I spent most of my life single and had dabbled with online dating at several points in my life, without any great success, although some fun along the way. I had reached the point where I thought I would probably remain single for the rest of my life and was coming to terms with this.

I had always thought that there were benefits on both sides of being single or in a relationship and that the positives and negatives probably balanced out. However, from time to time I would feel a bit lonely and at one such point I decided to post several profiles of myself on a variety of internet dating websites and see what happened.

To cut a long story short my future wife contacted me by email having read my profile and we have been happily married for several years and have a lovely son together.

This page is to help others who think their future could be improved by finding a partner, or just want some fun meeting new people.

Speed Dating

This is something I've never done so I cannot comment on its effectiveness.

According to their website Slow Dating operate speed dating events in more cities than any other company so you will probably find one near you.

The venues look very nice and each event has a specific age range so you will be meeting around 20 similar people on each event.

Internet Dating

Lovestruck lets you search for singles who work nearby. You could be meeting up with someone gorgeous this lunchtime or after work (their words not mine!).

This website is aimed at professionals and focuses on the main cities of the UK such as London or Birmingham.

Wine Tasting Dating

Never heard of this before until I came across the Grape Vine Social website, but it does seem like a lot of fun.

It looks like a variant of speed dating but everyone there will have a common interest - wine. You can taste 6 wines from around the world whilst meeting up to 20 different people.

The venues are in a number of major cities. It looks from the website like beer and champagne are also on the menu.

Improve your dating confidence

Not strictly a dating website, but for many of us (myself included) losing some weight would help with dating confidence and confidence in general.

The Proactol Dating Minisite (click on banner to the right) specifically deals with losing a few pounds (or more if you want) in order to gain dating confidence.

This 100% organic product has been clinically proven to suppress your appetite, lower your blood cholesterol levels and reduce your dietary fat intake by up to 28%. Got to be worth a try if you are looking to trim-up.