Get new skills


It's getting harder to find a job at all, never mind a "job for life". These days they are very rare and the likelihood is many of us, myself included, will have to re-train for alternative work at some point during our long working life.

I have drifted through my working life without any real direction, and, as a result, find myself 40+ on a pretty poor wage with few prospects! Don't end up the same as me, do something about it and get some training or a qualification to improve your future and get a better job/career.

Teaching English as a foreign language (TEFL)

My sister and brother-in-law hold TEFL qualifications as they wanted to travel more and pay their way as they go.

I also have friends who have been travelling recently and want to continue but don't have the money. TEFL will allow them to work at least part of the time they are abroad and fund their trip.

i-to-i is a world leader in TEFL courses. They help train people to Teach English as a Foreign Language (TEFL) and assist them in finding jobs across the globe.

Home Study Training Courses

The Open Study College is one of the leading suppliers of Home Learning courses. They include a wide range of vocational skills.

They have a huge range of accredited courses including: Criminology, hairdressing, beauty therapy, teaching assistant, childcare, Computing, Web, Multimedia, Airline Skills & Interior Design.

Studying from home gives you flexibility and means that you can fit in your studies around your existing job or committments.