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I've been very lucky with my health and, touch wood, hope that it continues for me and my family. However, others are not so lucky and if you have health problems yourself you could do worse than check out some of these sites.


I have tried hypnotherapy myself and found it to be relaxing and it did help with my particular problem. I visited a local hypnotherapist but now you can have the same experience in your own home.

Hypnotic Tracks allow you to download a hypnotherapy programme, with full online backup plus a money back guarantee if not totally satisfied. These programmes are ideal for relaxation and confidence, stopping smoking or losing weight.

Health Monthly

Health Monthly is a high quality online health store selling high street brands of vitamins, supplements, health and skin care products all at discounted Tax Free prices.

Do you have a health concern? Visitors to their site can view hundreds of different Health Notes for free.

Health Express

Health Express is a legal UK website offering free on-line medical consultations with GMC registered UK doctors, covering conditions such as impotence, obesity, hair loss and smoking cessation.

Health Express offer:

  • First Truly Recognized On-line Clinic in UK
  • Conforms to MHRA guidelines
  • Unique Legal UK website
  • Discreet, Confidential Buying Facility
  • Next Day Delivery
  • Free On-line Medical Consultation With UK Doctors