Lose Weight

Weight Loss

As detailed in my weight loss blog I am embarking on yet another attempt to shed some pounds and lose some weight.

As a resonably intelligent chap I realise that, for me, it is simply a matter of eating less and exercising more - so why do I find it so hard?

Over the years I have tried just about every short cut going including pills, slendertone type machines, saunas, teas and coffees designed to make you slim and, whilst at times I have succeeded in the short term, I now find myself at my heaviest ever weight.

This page is just to share some of the things I have come across on the internet that might help me (and you) in the weight loss quest.

If anyone has used any of these products and wants to let me know how they got on with them or whether they worked please contact me.

Fat Binders

Now this is how my body IS going to look like when I've finished my weight loss programme!

I keep switching on the TV and seeing ads for fat binders.

Apparently they bind a proportion of the fat molecules that come from the food you have eaten preventing them from being absorbed into the body. The excess of fat bound to the fat binder is then removed from the body with the faeces.

Up to 28% of fat can be disposed of in this way. The product is completely natural and works for both men and women.

Sounds like a good idea - a pain free weight loss product. But is it too good to be true? It is certainly worth a try. I'm going to look into it further and if I do purchase some will give you the lowdown on the results.

This company and product have been featured extensively in the media (in a good way!) including being in the Telegraph "Top 5 ways to lose weight", plus the Sun and Daily Express weight loss articles.

Can drinking tea help you lose weight?

Cho-Yung tea is a natural product designed to help people with weight loss.

They offer a 14-day, free trial of their slimming tea. You don't need to change your eating habits or need to take up strenuous exercise.

According to the company drinking CHO-YUNG tea will educate your body to burn and dispose of unwanted fat. Typically users will lose around 2-3 kg (5-7lbs) per month.

This does sound a bit too good to be true but with a 14 day free trial it must be worth a try. Visit the Cho-Yung tea website.

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Weight loss by hypnotherapy

I have tried hypnotherapy myself and found it to be relaxing and it did help with my particular problem, although this was not related to weight loss. I visited a local hypnotherapist but now you can have the same experience in your own home.

Hypnotic Tracks allow you to download a hypnotherapy programme, with full online backup plus a money back guarantee if not totally satisfied. These programmes are ideal for relaxation and confidence, and particularly losing weight.