Plan a holiday


Like most people I love a good holiday. The chance to get away from work and just relax. It doesn't always pan out like that, especially now we have a baby, but it's still beats working.

If you book in advance it gives you something to look forward to and gets you through the dreary days stuck at work or shivering in the miserable British weather.

A holiday is unlikely to improve your long-term future (unless you meet a partner or win the local lottery) but it does provide a much-needed pick-me-up and a chance to recharge the batteries.

Build your own holiday

I cannot remember the last time I booked a package holiday. I always used to when I was in my twenties, but with the growth of the internet I now book everything seperately online.

One of the websites I use is who provide flights, hotels, car hire and more all in one place.

They also offer package holidays so you can directly compare prices. I've always found them to be very competitive on price.

Package holidays

As I've already said, package holidays have become a thing of the past for me, mostly because my recent travels have been in South-East Asia and off the beaten track.

However, now I have a baby son, shorter haul holidays and free child places may well become the order of the day!

I've been looking online at package holiday companies and one of the sites I've found is Holiday City Superstore.

It's a nice looking site, the prices look good and the company is ATOL and ABTA licensed for your peace of mind.

As I haven't used them yet I cannot vouch for their customer service but I will be looking at them for future package holidays and will report back here if and when I can provide more information.

More holidays coming soon

This page, like all of this website, is a work in progress so more holidays will be added when I have time. If you want your site listed here, for holidays in the UK or abroad, please contact me.